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Leads Stockholm Tech UK Brand Awareness New robot Clean Ltd. Rebecca Sund, CFO 09:02 Initial email Foculify Ltd. Nadja Sand, HR Manager 10:31 Follow-up 1 High Prono Stockholm Gustaf Holst, CEO 11:06 Initial email Sweden Consulting Maria Nord, COO 12:42 Initial email EAG Sweden Eva Krosse, Owner 15:11 Follow-up 2 Creative Nordics Ruben Dahl, Marketing Manager 16:13 Initial email Nord Invest Ltd. John Smith, CFO 09:23 Follow-up 1 Rusomet LLT Christoffer Berg, IT Manager 10:56 Initial email Greenlia Cooperation Ltd. (publ) Sven Eastman, Owner 11:21 Initial email Nordic Ltd. Roger Strand, IT Manager 12:51 Follow-up 1 ITcorp Ltd. Noah Georgsen, Founder 13:16 Initial email OneMind Ltd. Josefina Larsén, CEO 15:24 Initial email Macro Communications Ltd. Emil Istio, Communication Manager 09:46 Initial email Stability Ltd. Johan Nygård, CFO 10:31 Initial email Brand Ltd. Lucas Nilsson, Founder 11:52 Initial email 24 Finance Ltd. Josie Millar, CFO 12:26 Initial email Filmvision Ltd. Katarina Pedersen, CEO 13:57 Initial email Digitalt näringsliv Ltd. Madison Prew, HR Manager 15:08 Initial email Style Ltd. Angelica Norrgren, Marketing Manager 09:06 Initial email Creative Nordics Fredrik Sandgren, Owner 10:39 Initial email Norrberget Ltd. Carl Sterner, Marketing Manager 11:04 Initial email Volvo Cars Ltd. Angelica Norrgren, Marketing Manager 12:57 Initial email Searching for leads … Leads Stockholm Overview Targeting Sequence Statistics Leads Settings April, 2020 Next 4 days Previous 4 days 6 MON 7 TUE 8 WED 9 THU Active Changed Cancelled Show follow-ups

A platform that creates new opportunities.

Increase sales activity.

Reach your goals and hit your numbers by keeping up with new sales. A higher activity results in more leads in the sales pipe and increased sales.

Reclaim your time.

We provide you with a new type of personal assistant. A robot that is always available and works to free more of your time for other things than booking meetings.

Brand awareness.

Express your personality and make sure your message reaches the right decision makers. New contacts strengthen your brand both directly and in the long run.

Accurate with updated information.

We combine data from public sources with company information from, among others, localized company registration databases and tax agencies. Everything for automated prospecting with the best possible accuracy.

LeadPilot plattformen

Companies where we increase sales

Safe and easy.

We help you create valuable business relationships, the most difficult thing there is, but easy for you with LeadPilot. The platform gives you full control and we will be with you all the way.

BrightBid Case

Sales best friend!

Everyone in sales knows that the search for the missing customer is time consuming. We improve and simplify everyday life for our customers.

A small investment for great business opportunities.

Deals have been made all throughout human history. A cornerstone of every deal is a strong relationship and it all starts with an initial contact. That is what we do at LeadPilot – create new contacts!

Lead 1 - 299

1.40 €/ lead

Lead 300 - 699

Save 15%
1.20 €/ lead

Lead 700 +

Save 23%
1.10 €/ lead