Start prospecting automatically

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Find and contact new leads over email in a single platform to free up time. Your best wingman for more B2B sales.

Sales reps, entrepreneurs and marketers save over 10 hours per week by reaching potential customers with our automatic Lead Generation.

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New customers are just around the corner.

Increase sales activity.

Ever wished you could clone yourself? Now it's possible! Reach your goals by keeping up with new sales while you're chasing the next deal. Automatically fill your sales pipe with a steady stream of fresh leads.

The modern sales process in 2023.

With LeadPilot teams can easily focus their sales efforts and collaborate in a user friendly platform. It's easy to follow up on the team's achievements together with our Customer Success, to make sure no deal is slipping through the cracks.

Gain brand awareness and momentum.

Make sure your message reaches the right person! New contacts strengthen your brand, both directly and in the long run.

More leads, better leads.

We combine public data with information from locally sourced company registration databases and a sprinkle of tax agencies. Voilà! Automated prospecting with the best possible accuracy.

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Companies where we increase sales

Safe and easy.

We help you create valuable business relationships, the most difficult thing there is, but easy for you with LeadPilot. The platform gives you full control and we will be with you all the way.

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Proven Lead Generation success.

We have a broad range of experience with many different industries, companies of all shapes and sizes! So we are confident in our ability to provide the best results for you.

Invest in new business.

Prospecting and initial contacts sucks, that's why we take care of it! We're happy to pride ourselves in offloading mundane work with automation.

Lead 1 - 299

1.50 €/ lead

Lead 300 - 699

Save 15%
1.30 €/ lead

Lead 700 +

Save 25%
1.20 €/ lead