5 ways to increase your B2B-Sales in 2022 with networking!

Published February 10, 2022 · 3 min read

B2B SaaS Sales Show

Society has opened up again and finally you have the opportunity to find new leads! Today, networking is a big part of the seller’s everyday life, for two years we have adapted to the digital, but as the restrictions ease, you should encourage physical meetings. This is to strengthen your customer relationships and make new contacts. Who knows, you may not have met your best customer yet?

Thanks to a handshake, a personal dialogue together with body language, a physical meeting immediately becomes a warmer lead and therefore increases the chance of a sale.

New leads due to easing of restrictions?

More participants in your gym class? There you have new leads. Standing in line without distance? Here, too, you have new leads, especially if you are targeting B2B companies!

Personal marketing!

A great value lies in your own personal brand when you network. Therefore, it is important that you are presenting yourself well, as you will also be the face of your company. It’s you as a person and how you act that people will remember when leaving.

More opportunities to meet the right people!

We can network in many different ways, ask yourself the question; ‘Who do I want to meet?’ Then choose to network according to your needs, an organised network within your industry, your role in the company or where the right decision-makers are. Mingling in the right place increases the chance of getting new leads.

Exhibit or participate at expos!

A expo is a perfect opportunity to reach a huge audience and have the opportunity to sell your products or services to a big audience. By taking the opportunity to communicate smart and efficiently, you get the opportunity to meet lots of companies in Sweden, which opens up opportunities for new leads. If you have never been to a expo before you can always try to participate and showcase your company to get a lot of new relevant contacts.

Suggest lunch!

After a dozen digital coffees, it’s time to take the initiative. Invite a potential customer to lunch or an event to create a personal contact! This is a great opportunity to convert your lead into a new customer and create valuable business relationships. The tip is not to talk too much business and especially not initially. Take it as a moment of relaxation and let go of your work for a while, which you and your future customer will likely benefit from. Do not forget your colleagues! Now that the majority of your colleagues are back in the office, take the opportunity to invite them to lunch, an afterwork trip, and get them work sports teams and societies meeting in person again.

Go to events!

New social events will appear in your feed, be sure to say YES to expand your network. Mingle, attend conferences and you will source new leads. Keep in mind that an event does not always have to have a purpose. Making time to socialise after working hours is important for the social aspect.
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