What does a Customer Success Manager do?

Published March 09, 2022 · 4 min read

What does a Customer Success Manager do?

Customer Success, perhaps the most difficult position to define?

Getting to know your customers is as important as starting a new relationship. Every new relationship needs time, opportunities and a mutual understanding & respect to be able to build a stable foundation.

In order for a healthy relationship to survive, you must nurture it, a Customer Success will help you take care of your customer relations. They check regularly to make sure everything is fine, help find solutions to problems that arise and make sure you use the service in the best way. In order for you as a customer to get as much value out of the partnership as possible.

What's the job like?

In short, to be clear, a Customer Success ensures that the customer receives value from the product or service. They adapt to each customer's needs in order to give the customer as good an experience of the service as possible, so that customers want to renew their agreement with the company. They are the help throughout the customer journey and a Customer Success is largely the reason why your churn decreases.

The professional title is a common name in the tech world and occurs in B2B SaaS companies. You have probably heard the title before but it can feel a bit fuzzy, so we will explain the meaning of Customer Success and why you should hire one.

Customer Support + Sales = Customer Success?

A little like that actually! A salesperson focuses on finding and entering into a relationship. A marketer makes sure that the relationship is visually appealing and attractive. While a Customer Success manager daily ensures that the customer feels good and that the relationship is as strong as possible.

When do you need to hire a Customer Success?

If you have salespeople who draw in business, you also need to hire a Customer Success. It's a worthwhile investment for your business: Your salespeople can focus on increasing lead generation, closing deals, and significantly reducing the risk of churn.

The role of Customer Success with us focuses daily on giving our customers support. By solving their problems immediately when they get in touch via chat, phone or email, which is a direct support service. But there is a big difference between us in a customer service and a Customer Success role.

If you are a large company such as @HubSpot, it may be worth having two different teams, where one team is Customer Success and the other team is customer support. These two departments can benefit greatly from each other as the roles go hand in hand. LeadPilot, on the other hand, which does not have two different services, with us support is included in the role, but the role means so much more.

The most difficult challenge that exists is to make your customers consistently satisfied with your service. The ultimate tip is that your employees focus one hundred percent on their role, if you do not have a person whose job is to keep the customer happy, someone else needs to fill that role. If the focus is on several places, you may lose the most important thing - pull in new business.

Their schedule is always fully booked!

A Customer Success everyday is often fully booked with meetings. Their everyday life is to hold start-up meetings for new customers, so that everyone gets off to a good start and feels secure with the service. Then they check in regularly to check how it is going, can be both by phone or booked appointments, which is best for the specific customer.

There are challenges both for the person taking on the role and for you as the employer!

How do you get your customers to choose your service over someone else's? A crucial factor can be to invest in a talented Customer Success.

A challenge for the role and for you who will hire it: The person needs to be both analytical and strategic. To first find out what each customer needs and then find solutions that suit that particular customer. Good at communicating is a must and preferably organized to keep track of all its customers and deliver optimal service.

Key to success, hire a Customer Success.

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// Jennifer Grånemo