A new way to leads!

Listen to our customer stories; how they're growing their businesses, building their brands and above all generating more leads! We even found leads for them while they sat down in front of the camera.

Convendum Case

Companies where we increase sales

BrightBid Case

Hypergrowth company books more meetings!

Using Leadpilot, sales reps at the SaaS company BrightBid are now able to book more meetings with the right decision-makers. Automated follow-ups are also ready to remind them which leads they have contacted!

Gustav Westman
Founder & COO

Convendum Case

Lead Generation increasing brand awareness.

An automatic SDR created for Convendum means they can now generate more leads, bring more Swedish companies to their coworking spaces and help their brand to grow.

Oscar Limbäck
Founder & COO/CMO

Freja Case

Growth hacking with automagic.

It started as a service they tested to find new leads and ended up being fully integrated into their sales process. For the past two years, sales at Freja Partner have been simplified, while they're helping companies with law inquiries at the same time.

Andreas Kristensen
Key Account Executive

Freja Partner

Your best wingman for more B2B sales.

There is always a customer waiting to be reached. We help you find them. We improve and simplify everyday life for our customers.

”It's a real challenge to handle prospecting while you have meetings, calls and want to be a good leader, there is simply no time. Now with LeadPilot it's like I can clone myself!”

Philip Malek
Sales and Marketing Manager, Framgångspodden


”LeadPilot is the best thing that has happened to our sales department. We can spend our own time going to meetings and building relationships, the only thing a robot can't actually do (so far!).”

Robin Hildeland
CEO, Business Event Network

Business Event Network

”I have never had a better sales assistant. If LeadPilot had existed 8 years ago, my company would undoubtedly have been much larger today.”

Kristoffer Kriss
CEO, Frostlight Solutions AB