New leads automatically

The assistant for new business leads

LeadPilot automatically discovers and contacts new potential clients. Connect your email and let the assistant reach the decision-makers you're looking for. LeadPilot takes care of your weekly contacts, follow-ups, and your long-term work to reach new leads.


Simplified prospecting

LeadPilot saves time

Now you no longer have to spend time on manual and time-consuming prospecting. You can easily set the regions, number of employees, decision-makers, and industries you're targeting. The assistant finds up-to-date information on new prospects and plans out the week's contacts. It also automatically handles all follow-ups, no business opportunity should slip through the cracks!

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The path to success

With LeadPilot, time-consuming prospecting becomes easier while saving you time. Successful sales require modern and efficient tools.

Accurate data

The assistant uses each authority's business register as a foundation, supplemented by a search engine that finds personal contact information for decision-makers.

Better cost control

With LeadPilot, it becomes easier to stay on budget, as the assistant takes care of planning and prospecting.

Save time

On average, each individual user saves 10 hours every week with LeadPilot.


The assistant helps you comply with current laws and regulations, such as GDPR. LeadPilot protects your brand and ensures that your emails reach the recipient.

Try LeadPilot

We provide leads for free so that everyone can try LeadPilot and experience automated outreach.

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  • The trial period is valid for 30 days
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The easy way to reach new leads

LeadPilot simplifies everyday life for both small and large businesses looking to get their offer out there and find new business opportunities.

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"We can efficiently test different messages against various target audiences and recipients. Then, with just a click of a button, everything happens automatically."

- Gustaf Westman, BrightBid


"LeadPilot has saved us a lot of time, energy, and ultimately, a significant amount of money. We choose how to control the robots, and then we achieve our results, every day."

- Oscar Limbäck, Convendum

AI-driven assistant

Easy to get started

You'll learn the basics of LeadPilot in just a few minutes, and then the assistant works for you. Below you'll see the steps to create your personal assistant.

1. Select target audiences

Find your next customer based on a finely-tuned target audience. Choose from Swedish SNI codes (industry), geographical area, revenue, and much more.

2. Personalize

Give your emails a personal touch using a user-friendly interface with the help of AI that fine-tunes your messages.

3. Activate

Contacts for each week are automatically scheduled, but you retain full control over the target audience and outreach.

4. Follow up

Receive responses from new potential customers directly in your inbox. Utilize the statistics and adjust the settings to achieve even better results in the future.

Try it for free

Start using LeadPilot for free — enjoy complimentary new contacts and new business opportunities.

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