LeadPilot is more than just a tool for finding and contacting leads; it also supports you beyond the initial process. Here are some useful tips to get the most out of the platform.

Leads Tab
The Leads tab provides a detailed overview of all your leads – including those you have previously discontinued. When emailing potential customers, timing can be crucial. Your product might be interesting to your lead, but the lead may already have a contract preventing them from responding. Here, you can easily filter and analyze your leads for more efficient management.

  • Provide feedback on leads that have responded. You can mark a response as positive or negative.
  • Use filters like "opened (no response)", "clicked (no response)", and "positive responses" to sort your leads. You can also export lists for manual processing.
  • Leave a comment on positive responses, for example, “positive, but has a contract until summer”. This helps both you and LeadPilot to understand if your leads have been of good quality.
  • Choose whether to resume contact with leads. Here you can read our guide.

Why should I manually process my leads?

All activity filters allow exporting of leads for manual processing for internal use. You can then reach these leads through other channels like LinkedIn or maybe look up their phone numbers. Manual processing of leads is important to:

  • Identify leads that have shown interest by opening your emails several times.
  • Find leads that have shown interest by clicking on links.
  • Follow up with leads that have given positive responses.
  • Even if these leads have either not responded or declined, they have indicated an interest in your offer.

Locked Contacts:

  • LeadPilot automatically locks leads you have contacted for 365 days. This helps avoid repeated contacts with the same lead.
  • If you get a lead that you know you will never contact again, put it in the blocklist. This way, you avoid it appearing as a lead in the future.
  • If your deals and sequences change often, you might benefit from adjusting this lock. Here is a guide on how to manage and unlock locked contacts.

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