We explain what could cause an automatic deactivation of your segments.

There are some causes that can result in us automatically deactivating your segments. We do this for your safety as soon as vi discover something in all cases, and notify you with an email about what has happened.

  • Email account has disconnected: This can be caused by several things, and we deactivate your segments because we cannot send email. You can read more about how you solve this here.
  • CRM has disconnected: Because we use the CRM connection to sync block lists we deactivate all segments when we detect a disconnect, so no one in you CRM is contacted by mistake. To solve this you simply reconnect your CRM under Profile > Integrations.
  • Maintenance: If someone of our technicians have to investigate one of your segments it is deactivated for maintenance. If the maintenance affects the service, you will be notified beforehand.
  • Unpaid invoices: In case you have unpaid invoices we may deactivate your segments or account.

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