After creating a segment and wanting to activate it, you can also choose to review leads. This is only necessary for those who want to keep track of their leads before they are scheduled in the overview and contacted.

Automatic Scheduling:
If the function is not activated, leads will automatically be scheduled in the overview. This can save time, but it also means that you need to regularly log in and manually cancel unwanted leads.

Broad or Narrow Audience:
If you have a broad audience, focus on ensuring your target audience is detailed enough and cancel leads in your overview that are irrelevant. If you have a narrow audience, there may be a need to adjust your target audience more often, and therefore it may feel better to approve the leads to make sure the leads in your overview are relevant.

No CRM or Block List:
If you do not have a CRM system that automatically creates a block list for existing customers and updates it continuously, you should approve leads to avoid the risk of contacting your existing customers with LeadPilot.

Advantages of Approval:
By reviewing leads before they are contacted, you can ensure that each lead is relevant, thereby increasing the quality and efficiency of your outreach.

Disadvantages of Approval:
Choosing to review leads before they are contacted means that nothing will happen until you have reviewed your leads. It gives you a bit of extra work, and we recommend setting up a recurring time in your calendar to approve leads for the upcoming week.

How Do I Choose to Approve Leads Beforehand?
Click here for our guide on how to approve leads before we send emails to them.

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