What is A/B testing?

Think of A/B testing like a taste test. You have two samples of a food item (A and B), and you want to see which one more people like. With emails, it's similar: we create two different emails (A and B) and see which one gets more replies.

How does our software pick the best email?

Our system is pretty smart. It sends out both email versions to a small group of people. Then, it waits and watches to see which one people respond to more. Once it figures out which one is getting more attention, it automatically sends that winner out to everyone else.

What should I try changing in my emails?

You could try:

  • Subject Lines: Maybe a question works better than a statement?
  • The way you say hello: Is it "Hi there," "Dear valued customer," or just "Hey!"?
  • What you talk about: Are people interested in discounts, news, or tips?
  • How you sign off: Does "Best regards" get more replies than "Cheers"?

After we find the best email, what's next?

Once our system spots the winning email, it sends it out to the rest of your list. This means more people are likely to reply because we already tested it and know it works better.

How long does an A/B test take?

It's like baking cookies—too short, and they're not done; too long, and they burn. We look for the sweet spot where we have just enough replies to know which email is better. Our system keeps an eye on it and lets you know when it's done.

How do I activate A/B tests in LeadPilot?

It’s fairly easy:

  1. Go to any segment
  2. Go to the sequence
  3. Press the Plus sign besides “Variant A”
  4. Write your slightly changed email
  5. Save

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