A/B testing is available for users with Business and Premium subscriptions.

A/B testing in email messaging is like an experiment where you compare two versions of an email to see which one performs better. Think of it as a taste test with two dishes, A and B, where you want to know which one people prefer.

How LeadPilot selects the best email through A/B testing:

  • LeadPilot sends both versions, A and B, to a smaller portion of your leads.
  • The system monitors and analyzes how recipients react to each version.
  • Once there is enough data, the system automatically chooses the version that performed best and sends it to the rest of your leads.

Aspects to experiment with in your emails:

  • Subject lines: Test different styles, such as questions versus statements.
  • Greeting phrases: Try different openings like "Hello there", "Dear customer", or "Hi!".
  • Content: Test different types of content such as discounts, news, or tips.
  • Closing phrases: Compare, for example, "Best regards" against "All the best".

What happens when the best email is found?

When LeadPilot identifies the most effective email, it automatically sends it to the rest of your leads, increasing the chance of positive responses since the message has already been tested.

How long does an A/B test with LeadPilot take?

It's like baking cookies – too short a time and they're not done; too long and they burn. We're looking for the point where we have enough responses to know which email is better. Our system keeps an eye on it and lets you know when it's ready.

Here you can read our guide on how to test different variants of an email.

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