Short Summary: A lead is counted towards your usage when LeadPilot finds a new contact that matches your targeting, enriches uploaded information or verifies contact information.

This article assumes you have one of our standard subscriptions. For other subscriptions, please read your agreement with us for more information.

In this article, we clarify how our process looks and what we classify as a "lead" on the platform and in our subscriptions. If you're looking for a more general explanation of what leads are, you can read more here.

How the process works:

  1. Once you have defined a target audience and activated a segment, the search for leads begins. The search uses the criteria you've specified to find the most relevant leads.
  2. Overnight, we search for leads based on your specifications. The next day, you are either presented with leads for approval, or they are directly added to your calendar view, depending on your settings.
  3. A lead is considered found, and thus chargeable, when it matches your target audience criteria and we have found contact information for the decision-maker you're seeking. It is, therefore, important to carefully adapt your target audience and keep your block list updated to avoid irrelevant leads.

Do you have your own lists?
If you have your own lists of companies you wish to contact and upload these to the platform, a lead is only counted as a lead when we have successfully found the contact information for a decision-maker you're seeking. This means you are not charged for searches that do not result in found contact information.

If you believe a lead is incorrect and should not be charged, please read more here.

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