In this article, we give you our best tips for managing your segment if you have a narrow or niche target audience.

A narrow target audience often means that you have niched down to make your offer as relevant as possible, which is great! However, after some time, it might lead to having worked through most of the leads available in your target group. Below, we provide some tips for working with a narrow target audience.

If your target audience includes larger companies, or you are looking for specific job titles, your target group can also be narrow even though many companies match. This is because we need to find the decision-makers you are seeking, as well as reliable contact details. Similarly, the target group can be narrow if you are targeting very small and newly started companies, as they might not have established an online presence or set up a website yet. To further analyze your target group, we recommend clicking on "Insights" under the target group in the platform.


New contact

If you have gone through your target group, we recommend making adjustments to the target group as needed, but remember that LeadPilot allows you to reuse leads by adding new contacts to your sequence.

A new contact gives you the opportunity to reach more decision-makers at the same company. The segment will primarily reach out to your first-priority contact, and if the recipient does not respond to your emails, the segment will proceed to your next-priority decision-maker.

Here is a guide on how to add a new contact.


Contacting info addresses

With LeadPilot, you can contact info addresses, which are general email addresses used by companies. This method can expand your reach and provide access to companies that might otherwise be difficult to reach.

Here is a guide with advantages and disadvantages of contacting info addresses.


Leads tab

On the Leads tab, you get a detailed overview of all your leads – even those you have previously rejected contact with. When sending emails to potential customers, timing can be crucial. Your product may be interesting to your lead, but the lead may already have a contract that prevents them from responding. Using the Leads tab to process your leads can be beneficial for:

  • Identifying leads that have shown interest by opening your emails several times.
  • Finding leads that have shown interest by clicking on links.
  • Following up with leads that have given positive responses.

Here are many useful tips for using the Leads tab.


Observing segments

In some cases, it may be relevant to keep a narrow segment active, as the search engine will continue to observe the target group and identify if new leads that match your criteria emerge. This can happen, for example, if a new person starts that matches your criteria, or a new annual report is registered, and the number of employees or turnover changes. An observing segment thus does not provide the same steady influx of leads but helps you to constantly be updated about new business opportunities.


Seasonal outreach

If you only wish to conduct outreach from time to time, we recommend our annual subscriptions, specially tailored for segments that are inactive for long periods, to then perform a re-targeting. With our annual subscriptions, you can utilize your leads as you wish throughout the year.

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