Everyone asks us.

We have collected the most asked questions about LeadPilot. If you can't find yours – feel free to contact us.

What is the value of using LeadPilot?

Imagine that you have to look for contacts manually. First you need to find the right company in your target audience, the right person in the title swamp and then find reliable and updated contact information. It requires extremely much time and energy already there. But LeadPilot also takes the next step by making a personal contact and managing follow-ups.
Unlike traditional sales tools, we gather everything that has to do with prospecting in one place. Our data is also based on updated localized company information, so you have a robot that handles the prospecting automatically exactly as you want. Since everything is gathered, you can also follow statistics and see what you can do to become even sharper in your communication.

How can existing customers be avoided?

Existing customers can be avoided with a block list in the platform. Then the robot will not contact companies based on name and / or website.
The block list can be synced automatically with our existing CRM integrations Upsales, Lime Go, Pipedrive, Salesforce or HubSpot. You can also upload an Excel list of companies, or add individual ones directly to the platform.

How do we ensure that several people in the company do not contact the same customer?

It is handled automatically by LeadPilot, so no double contact takes place even though several people in the company may be targeting the same target group.

What does it cost?

We are completely open with our prices and they are available here on the website. The pricing model consists of a fixed monthly cost that includes an introduction, the license, support and as many users as you may need. Then you pay for each person who is contacted through LeadPilot, which is completely unbound and variable on a monthly basis. Follow-ups are also included and if there are more than 299 contacts a month, additional contacts are volume discounted.