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This Cookie Policy (hereinafter "Policy") explains how LeadPilot AB (hereinafter "LeadPilot," we ", our" and "us") uses cookies and similar tracking technologies (eg web beacons) when using our website at (hereinafter “the Website” and our app at (hereinafter “the App”), collectively referred to as “Services”.

The policy explains what cookies are and how we use them, as well as how you can control our use of them.

In some cases, we may use cookies or similar tracking technologies to affect the collection of personal data or information that can be classified as personal data if it is combined with other information. In these cases, our privacy policy regulates the handling of such personal data.

It is important to us that our terms and guidelines are clear and transparent. If you have any questions about the Policy, please contact us:

LeadPilot AB

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112 34 Stockholm


1. Introduction: What is a cookie?

This Policy explains the times when, and why, cookies may be sent to persons who visit (hereinafter "Visitors", "you", "you") our Website or App. "Cookies" are text data with information that a website sends and saves in the device you use to visit the website. Cookies allow the website to remember important information that improves your user experience. A cookie usually contains the domain from which the cookie came, lifetime, and a randomly generated, unique, value or number. Certain types of cookies are used in our Services even though you are logged in or not.

Session cookies are temporary cookies that are only stored until you leave the website. Permanent cookies are stored in the cookie file in your browser longer (depending on lifetime). When we use session cookies to track the number of users of the Services, this is done in anonymous and compiled form (because cookies by themselves do not contain any personal information). We may also use cookies to remember your device in order to customize your experience even when you return to one of our Services.

2. How LeadPilot uses cookies

We use cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies provided by third parties, including Google and Freshworks, for marketing purposes and to analyze the use of our Services in order to improve them. This happens when you visit one of our Services via your browser.

Analytical Purposes

LeadPilot uses cookies to analyze user activity to improve our Services. For example, we can use cookies to see in aggregate form patterns like the average number of visitors per day. We use such analysis to improve functionality and user-friendliness.

Settings and Functionality

LeadPilot uses cookies to collect certain information about users, which includes the type of browser, server, language and country, to save user settings in our Services and make the user experience more consistent and smooth.

Reference Tracking

We use cookies to associate user activity with the third-party website that referred the user to our Service. We do not share personal information with these third parties, cookies are only used by LeadPilot for analysis and marketing purposes.


We use cookies to counter cyber attacks and identify attempts to use our Services in a way that are contrary to our terms of use.

3. Manage Cookies

Use the options in your browser if you do not want us to send you cookies. You can easily delete or manage saved cookies by using the wizard for your current browser. Please read the documentation provided by your browser provider.

LeadPilot uses Google Analytics to collect cookies for analytical purposes (indicated above). To prevent these cookies from being sent, it is possible to install the Google Analytics Opt-out extension in your browser.

4. Third Party Cookies

Cookies that are not set by us are called third-party cookies. LeadPilot does not control how third-party cookies are handled by third parties and recommends that you read on the respective website about how each third-party cookie is handled. LeadPilot is responsible for our use of these cookies only for the purposes stated below.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service of Google Inc, which we use to analyze interactions made by visitors to our Services.

Session cookie to be able to see where a visit is coming from: whether it is via a search engine, another website or if the user entered the address directly in the address field. (lifespan of 6 months)


HubSpot is used to manage consent to our Cookies on the Website, and to identify you when you write in the chat on the Website.

To read more about HubSpot's Cookies, please see their website.

Cookies for ads

Cookie Purpose Storage time

LinkedIn insights cookie

1 day

A unique ID for a specific visitor. Can be used to remember and re-apply user preferences.

30 minutes

Identify user for generation of leads and more efficient ad targets.

1 year


Necessary cookies

Cookie Purpose Storage time

To store language settings.

1 year

Used to handle consents

12 months


Cookies for statistical purposes

Cookie Purpose Storage time

To store and count page views.

2 years

To store and count page views.

2 years


5. Changes to the Policy

From time to time, LeadPilot may change this Policy. The date of the most recent update is listed at the top of the page. All changes take effect immediately after we have notified you of this in an appropriate manner, which includes, but is not limited to, updating the version on our Website or e-mail to interested parties.

This website uses cookies

Cookies consist of small text files. They contain data that is stored on your device. To enable us to place certain types of cookies we need to obtain your consent. At LeadPilot AB, corp. ID no. 559203-9704, we use the following kinds of cookies. To read more about which cookies we use and storage times, click here to access our cookies policy.

Manage your cookie-settings

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are cookies that must be placed for basic functions to work on the website. Basic functions are, for example, cookies which are needed so that you can use menus on the website and navigate on the site.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies need to be placed on the website in order for it to perform as you would expect. For example, so that it recognizes which language you prefer, whether or not you are logged in, to keep the website secure, remember login details or to be able to sort products on the website according to your preferences.

Cookies for statistics

For us to measure your interactions with the website, we place cookies in order to keep statistics. These cookies anonymize personal data.

Cookies for ad-tracking

To enable us to offer better service and experience, we place cookies so that we can provide relevant advertising. Another aim of this processing is to enable us to promote products or services, provide customized offers or provide recommendations based on what you have purchased in the past.

Ad measurement user cookies

In order to show relevant ads we place cookies to tailor ads for you

Personalized ads cookies

To show relevant and personal ads we place cookies to provide unique offers that are tailored to your user data