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Do you often receive messages that you have reached your limit for leads? When you have reached your limit, whether monthly or annually, all the leads that are scheduled in your calendar will still be contacted. However, our subscriptions have a limit, and it might be wise to plan your mailings to align well with the leads you have available.

In this article, we go through things to consider to avoid this, and what you can do to get more leads.

How to adjust the number of leads per day for your segments

  1. Select a segment
  2. Click on settings
  3. Go to advanced settings
  4. In the field where it says maximum number of leads, adjust the number, and do the same for all your active segments

For example, if you have 200 leads a month and you send emails about 20 days a month excluding weekends, you might think it becomes 10 leads daily.

Prioritize your segments
Consider which segments are most important for your goals. If you have several segments, consider distributing your daily leads based on priority. This ensures that your most valuable segments receive the attention they deserve.

Can I get more leads?
If you want to get your mailings out early and be ready for the month, you can of course adjust the maximum number of leads per day according to your needs. If you feel you do not have enough leads during a period where you have a campaign and really want to send more leads than you have available, you can always start a new month when your lead limit is reached.

How to get more leads

  1. Click on your profile at the top right
  2. Select billing
  3. Click on "renew"

This way, you can renew the month or your annual subscription earlier and gain access to as many leads as included in your subscription with us.

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