Plan and design personal emails.

LeadPilot plans your weeks automatically and you have the freedom to adjust exactly who to contact and when. Communicate in a new way through personal emails to interesting people and with full control.

Leads Stockholm Generell Göteborg Brand Awareness Profil Support Logga ut Nyheter Fakturering Team Ny robot Stilsäkert AB Rebecca Sundtröm, Ekonomichef 09:02 Inledande mail Fokusgruppen AB Nadja Sjöö, Personalchef 10:31 Uppföljning 1 Högprestera Stockholm Gustaf Holst, VD 11:06 Inledande mail Sweden Consulting Maria Nordström, COO 12:42 Inledande mail EAG Sweden Eva Krosse, Partner 15:11 Uppföljning 2 Creative Nordics Ruben Dahl, Marknadschef 16:13, Uppföljning Inledande mail Nordiska investeringar AB John Jönsson, Ekonomichef 09:23 Uppföljning 1 Pågångnu KB Christoffer Berg, IT chef 10:56 Inledande mail Gröna bolaget AB (publ) Sven Göransson, Ägare 11:21 Inledande mail Norrberget AB Roger Strand, Utvecklingschef 12:51 Uppföljning 1 ITverket AB Noah Sörensen, Grundare 13:16 Inledande mail OneMind AB Josefina Larsén, VD 15:24 Inledande mail Makro Communications AB Emil Edström, Kommunikationschef 09:46 Inledande mail Stabilt läge AB Johan Nygård, Ekonomichef 10:31 Inledande mail VBDH AB Lucas Nilsson, Grundare 11:52 Inledande mail 24 Ekonomi AB Josie Millar, Ekonomichef 12:26 Inledande mail Filmvision AB Katarina Pedersen, VD 13:57 Inledande mail Digitalt näringsliv AB Madison Prew, Personalchef 15:08 Inledande mail Stilsäkert AB Angelica Norrgren, Marknadschef 09:06 Inledande mail Creative Nordics Fredrik Sandgren, Ägare 10:39 Inledande mail Norrberget AB Carl Sterner, Marknadsansvarig 11:04 Inledande mail Volvo Cars AB Angelica Norrgren, Marknadschef 12:57 Inledande mail Söker nya leads … Leads Stockholm Översikt Målgrupp Sekvens Statistik Inställningar Leads Mer April, 2020 4 dagar framåt 4 dagar bakåt 6 MÅN 7 TIS 8 ONS 9 TORS Skickas Ändrad Avbruten Visa uppföljningskedjor

Some companies where we increase sales

A glimpse into LeadPilot.

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Fill a 30 minute calendar gap. Let us give you an online demo of the platform to show all the smooth features.

Tobias Forsberg
Tobias Forsberg

Sales Manager

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A meeting place for new opportunities.

Simplify your life.

Solve the first steps in the sales process. A well-thought-out platform and direct contact with our Customer Success makes the collaboration easy.

Strike right.

What if you haven’t met your best customer yet. Connect with a personal contact to kickoff this new journey.

Nurture leads.

Never lose an opportunity and work sustainable. The platform follows up leads before they cool down to reach at the right time.

Connect and sync.

It is easy to use LeadPilot with several tools. Therefore, we integrate with CRM and other systems to ensure that no manual hand-laying is required. A clear choice for those who want to avoid administration.

limego.png logga

Lime Go

Lime GO is a lightweight CRM with built in Swedish company information.

upsales.png logga


Upsales is a quickly growing Swedish CRM with focus on sales efficiency.

hubspot.png logga


HubSpot is an international CRM with solutions for sales, marketing and support.

pipedrive.png logga


Pipedrive is a highly customizable CRM that can fit most basic needs.

albacross.png logga


Albacross identifies the companies that has visited your website.

salesforce.png logga


Salesforce is a well established customizable CRM with complex enterprise features.

Benefits with LeadPilot.

We have focused on solving the most time-consuming thing that exists in a simple way. With artificial intelligence and the ability to back it up, we make sure you increase your sales activity while having full control behind the wheel.

  • Accurate information
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Free up time
  • Personal contact info
  • A simple platform
  • Follow up automatically