Accurate prospecting for a better sales process.

LeadPilot plans your weekly email outreach automatically by finding fresh leads for you. Rapidly personalize your emails with a human touch and let us take care of the rest.

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Companies where we increase sales

Sales should not be complicated.

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Let the competitor's life be a monotonous mess .

Simplify your workday.

Solve the first steps in the sales process. A well-thought-out platform and direct contact with our Customer Success makes the collaboration easy.

Cast a better net.

What if you haven't met your best customer yet? Connect with a personal contact to kick off this new business opportunity.

Keep 'em coming

Never lose an opportunity and sustain relationships. The platform follows up leads before they cool down to reach at the right time.

Use every tool in your toolbox.

It is easy to use LeadPilot with other services. We integrate with CRM and other systems to ensure that no manual work is required. Cut back on admin!

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Lime Go

Lime GO is a lightweight CRM with built in Swedish company information.

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Upsales is a quickly growing Swedish CRM with focus on sales efficiency.

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HubSpot is an international CRM with solutions for sales, marketing and support.

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Pipedrive is a highly customizable CRM that can fit most basic needs.

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Albacross identifies the companies that has visited your website.

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Salesforce is a well established customizable CRM with complex enterprise features.

LeadPilot puts you behind the wheel.

We have solved the most time-consuming part in a simple way. With artificial intelligence and the expertise to back it up, we make sure you increase your sales activity whilst having full control.

  • Accurate information
  • 100% GDPR compliant
  • Free up time
  • Personal contact info
  • A simple platform
  • Follow up automatically